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testuok.lt - what is it?

testuok.lt is a distance learning and knowledge testing tool, which enables high effectiveness in delivering a studying material for the students and allows fast and secure knowledge testing.

It is easy reachable through the internet.

Planned exams

Klaipėdos Prano Mašioto progimnazija (7a (2023-2024 m.m.))7 kl. FIZIKA (Banginė optika ir šviesos matavimas)2024-05-29 06:152024-05-29 20:15

Is testuok.lt paid?

For academic personnel it is for FREE. Just write a message to administrator and get Your login name.

Why testuok.lt is the best?

  • Use it everywhere and every time You want.. All You need is computer and internet.
  • Using testuok.lt is easy. Simple user interface, possibility to prepare question for any examination and no special knowledge is needed. System has a context sensitive help, so anytime You can get a help on every page that You are working with.
  • Using testuok.lt is secure. Your tests are visible just for You. You may restrict places for logging to the system, so nobody will login with Your name. Every day system backup will not allow to destroy important data.
  • Prepared test - easy life for a long time. Spending time for test creation enables using it for a long time. All preparation to examination will be just assignment a group for a test and if You define place and time of the examination You can do other works, results will wait for You. NO ANSWERS CHECKING, just printing the results.
  • Simple and easy test configuration. Enter 40 questions and deliver 10 to students. Questions are randomized for every student. No repeats in friend's monitor. Different complexity levels enables supply of different questions to different student groups. Restrict user login time and place to ban unauthorized connections from home or hostel and examination will appear in particular classroom. No conversation between students, because at the end of question time wrong answer will be counted. Accidental closing of test window remains order of questions and time remaining after next login.
  • Answering statistics. Statistics for right and wrong answers which allows to identify incorrect questions. Blocking of known questions enables saving them for using later.
  • Test results in Your window. No discussions, no misunderstandings because all questions and answers visible in Your window. No ambiguous situations.
  • Test for 1000 students... Nothing is easier. A problem is to find so many students. The speed of publishing results is equal to printing speed of Your printer. :)